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October 19 2017

We have been living in an age that has almost got acquainted with the Third Industrial Revolution. 3D Printing, professionally known by the name of “additive manufacturing” has made us switch to an unbelievable reality of customizable, one-off production from the line implemented during the times of Henry Ford. 3D Printing is the “buzz” word that has been gaining an enormous popularity in various types of industries. This technique is used for the purpose of describing the production of plastic or metal parts considering the layer based manufacturing techniques, which are also known by the names of Additive Manufacturing (AM) , Industrial 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Modeling and Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM).
So, what is 3D printing?
This technique was brought into existence by a man named Chuck Hull who way back in 1986 had a vision of giving something so useful to humans that can turn a digital file into a physical object. In simple words, 3D Printing is a process of taking a 3D model that converts a digital file into a physical object. Well, it’s a popular process that’s known to have been followed stringently by almost every industry for various reasons.

This technology made its way to the technological world in 1986 as mentioned above, but it did not gain its deserved recognition until 1990. Even though the world of engineering, architecture and manufacturing did exist, these industries made its way to implementing this technology using professional 3d printing services, but the world that existed beyond them was not aware of what 3D Printing was all about.

Also known by the name of desktop fabrication, this technology when brought into action can form any material which can be obtained as a powder. You would need a digital 3D-model for the purpose of creating an object. A set of 3D images can be scanned, or draw it using computer-assisted design (CAD) software. This model is generally saved in STL format, and then it’s sent to the printer. The fact cannot be held for denial that 3D Printing has largely been used in those industries which once thought that they’d never get to implement this technology.

One of the most significant applications of this type of printing has been in connection with the medical industry. With 3D Printing, surgeons find easy producing mockups of parts of the patient’s body which is required to be operated upon. As a matter of fact, 3D Printing has caused a great impact on many industries such as automotive, business & industrial equipment, architecture, education and others as well. They use professional 3D Printing services to yield the desired results.

3d pens are the latest trend in tech industry.
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